Who We Are

What makes Advantage Resource a valuable ally to any Prevailing Wage Contractor?

Compliance. Any Prevailing Wage benefit program must first consider compliance, or not much else matters. We provide assistance with Prevailing Wage statutes (state and federal), the Affordable Care Act, 401(k) Pension Plans, and overtime laws.

Cost. Cost is a point of consideration in any business decision. We make sure a Contractor receives the maximum allowable Prevailing Wage fringe benefit credit for all Bona Fide fringes, including holiday and vacation pay, personal employee insurance, pension plan contributions, and apprenticeship programs.

Administrative Workload. True cost includes time office staff spends on any Company program. We reduce the Contractor’s administrative workload by performing all the computations required to properly fund and calculate Prevailing Wage fringes. Templates, sample forms, software add-ins and detailed reference manuals are provided for many popular accounting programs.

DocumentationWe furnish documentation for every hour worked, for every employee, for every fringe benefit, for every job. These records prove invaluable at audit time and provide the third party verification often required by Prevailing Wage authorities.

ReferenceSometimes a correct answer is just really hard to come by. We serve as a knowledgeable and reliable reference for Prevailing Wage questions. We provide a direct, logical, common sense answer to your question with appropriate supporting documentation.

We understand Contractors, their work force, and the unique problems presented by Prevailing Wage. We look at everything from the Contractor side of the equation and we are solutions oriented.