CE Courses

Advantage Resource offers the following courses for Continuing Education credit on a periodic basis. Contact us or refer to Upcoming Events for scheduled offerings.

Prevailing Wage for the Service Provider – This course introduces Prevailing Wage to those who provide services (Financial Advisors, TPAs, Recordkeepers, CPAs, Insurance Agents and Attorneys) to Prevailing Wage Contractors. It focuses on the Contractor’s perspective, along with the Contractor’s considerations when choosing a benefits package and implementing an Employee Benefit Program.

Prevailing Wage benefit compliance and calculation requirements are covered in detail, with special attention given to the attributes of a Prevailing Wage Contractor’s office that often times require a different mindset than for employers in other industries.

Approved for CE by the Kentucky Department of Insurance (2.0 hrs, Life).

Prevailing Wage 401(k) Plan Design – This course addresses the options available when implementing a 401(k) Retirement Plan for a Prevailing Wage Contractor. Topics include real cost, compliance, proper methods of calculating contributions, and other issues unique to the Prevailing Wage scenario.

Aspects of Prevailing Wage law which necessitate that a Prevailing Wage 401(k) differ from a 401(k) for other industries are discussed, with special attention on some common industry recommendations that can cause unintended negative consequences for the Contractor.

Approved for CE by the Kentucky Department of Insurance (3.0 hours, Life).

Ethics and PW Contractor Expectations – This course discusses the issues, frustrations, and headaches faced by Prevailing Wage Contractors on a daily and weekly basis, several of which are unique to the Contractor world. The service provider may alleviate certain frustrations for their customer when time is taken to properly understand the world in which the Contractor lives, but doing so may force the provider to address some difficult questions.

Approved for CE by the Kentucky Department of Insurance (3.0 hours, Ethics).