About Us

Established in 2002, Advantage Resource provides compliance assistance and fringe benefits administration services. What started over 20 years ago primarily for construction contractors doing federal Davis Bacon (DBA / DBRA) and state/local prevailing wage work has grown to include benefits program administration and compliance assistance with the Service Contract Act (SCA/SCLS), Prevailing Wage mix of work, the Affordable Care Act, 401(k) Retirement Plans, PTO, overtime, and mandated sick leave requirements.

As the demand for services has grown, Advantage Resource has grown. Today, services are provided under three different brands:

Three service offerings, one company. This parallels a characteristic shared by many of our customers:

Several Contracts + Many Employees + Varying Requirements + Multiple Locations = ONE Contractor

WorkerFringe by Advantage Resource

WorkerFringe is the “fringe program” service offering of Advantage Resource.

Services provided under WorkerFringe include fringe benefits administration, written benefit plan summaries, employee monthly benefit statements, variable employee hour tracking, benefit bank tracking, and data processing services. Programs are tailored to the unique type of work performed by the contractor and the benefits the contractor wishes to offer. Government contractors, construction companies, service providers, and other hourly work force employers utilize WorkerFringe as a means to earn, pay, and administer employee fringe benefits.

Use of WorkerServices is included as part of the services provided to WorkerFringe customers.

WorkerServices by Advantage Resource

Created in 2012, WorkerServices is a suite of tools and services to help business owners and organizations communicate with their workforce and members. Valuable across industries, WorkerServices proves especially useful for organizations spread across multiple physical locations, or for organization with a non-collocated membership base.

Employers and Organizations have the ability to receive fillable forms, post company programs, policies, employee benefits forms and notices, training videos, and any other content to which they want to provide access. WorkerServices is a flexible communication tool that spans distance when face to face isn’t possible.

WorkerServices is available to WorkerFringe customers, Worker401k plan sponsors, and as a standalone service.

Worker401k by Advantage Resource

Worker401k provides 401(k) retirement plan services to include Plan Design, Third Party Administration, and Recordkeeping services. We bundle our 401(k) Administration and Recordkeeping services together to prevent items from slipping between the cracks that occur when data moves between entities.

Through an Open Architecture investment platform and fee transparency, Worker401k helps employers accomplish their company’s unique objectives. This often includes contribution maximization, testing requirements, prevailing wage compliance, audit assistance, and providing a true employee fringe benefit to the company’s employees.

Use of WorkerServices is included as part of the services provided to Worker401k plan sponsors.