Prevailing Wage Mix of Work

The Mix of Work Program is for contractors whose employees may work at different prevailing wage jobs or worker classifications in the same work week. It is for contractors that do a variety or combination of prevailing wage work.

  • Davis Bacon / Davis Bacon Related (DBA/DBRA)
  • Service Contract (SCA/SCLS)
  • State Prevailing Wage
  • Private work

The program is flexible to fit the type of work the contractor does, and with what benefits the contractor offers.

Examples of work weeks for a Mix of Work contractor could include:

  • has employees work on a prevailing wage job Monday and Tuesday, working on a private job remaining part of week
  • has employees work at two or more prevailing wage jobs in the same work week
  • has employees work at two or more prevailing wage classifications (same job) in the same work week
  • has employees with hours on an SCA maintenance project in same work week as other hours (i.e. Davis Bacon, sate prevailing wage, private work)

In these instances, where different laws govern, the most restrictive rules apply. It is important to have a program that provides communication tools and documentation to the necessary level of detail.

Several Contracts + Many Employees + Varying Requirements + Multiple Locations = ONE Contractor