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Weighted Average Overtime in the World of Prevailing Wage

Some employers still consider the payment of “time and a half” for all hours worked over 40 in a week as satisfying their overtime obligation. But does it really? What if an employee works at two or more pay rates in one week? How does working on prevailing wage change time classification and overtime premium […]

Prevailing Wage in the Economy, Understanding Prevailing Wage Fringes

More and more upcoming jobs are Prevailing Wage because the government is the only one with money to spend. Experienced Prevailing Wage contractors see twice as many bidders from farther away competing for the same project, or see companies who have never before sought Prevailing Wage work. Contractors who have avoided Prevailing Wage in the […]

Using a Company Hourly Fringe Program without Prevailing Wage

For a few years now, companies have been finding it increasingly difficult to hire and retain quality employees. This problem affects all companies, regardless of industry or trade. Some commercial companies would use the possibility of working a prevailing wage project as a dangling carrot to attract employees to come work for them. In January […]

A Couple of Really Good Prevailing Wage Questions

When Prevailing Wage is the subject, there is no shortage of questions. Here are a couple of common ones: My employees refer to prevailing wage fringe as “their money”. What can the Company do if the employee does not sign up for the 401(k) and they don’t have health insurance through the company? The prevailing […]